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Ausgelieferte Yachten

PB Motorcutter 1940

The design of this OJ Motor Cutter is specially made by Pieter Beeldsnijder, and fits in perfectly with the design of Flevo Jachtbouw. The construction of the ship was completed in July 2009. We wish the owner a safe journey.

The "Bonker" - A ship full of innovation

The Bonker's own ship Pieter Beeldsnijder. He has chosen to Flevo Jachtbouw to build this ship.

The Bonker is August 16, 2008 launched. The ship is then presented during the "wet" boat show. After this, the ship, the proud owner, the sail chosen.
Peter and Willy experience every day much fun aboard this ship. And that's not just the built-in piano.
We wish them a safe journey!

The "Bonker" is the first yacht in the world which a combined outside - and inside rear has. This is achieved by five large windows of safety glass that individually or simultaneously using remote open and / or closed can be.

The machine room with its spacious headroom is equipped with a professional and professional installation.
Also new to the "Bonker" is that it is equipped with a stabilization system that during the voyage, as well as the ship is anchored, the rolling motion absorbs up to 95%.



Click here for more pictures and information

You can also find information on the website of Pieter Beeldsnijder

48ft Zuidkaper


63ft Noordkaper -

Soon more information about the 63ft Noordkaper

Flevo Kanaalkotter 1600


From now on the water to find: The Flevo Channel Cutter 1600.
The Channel Cutter is specially designed with a low clearance (3.30 m) and is suitable for both the rivers, as well as the open sea..

Flevowner classic 1380

From the classic 1380 Flevowner there are two pieces built together
as hazardous technically ready kasko including the painting.
This beautifully lined motor yacht are completed in July 2005.

Flevowner 1495


This is the third already built Flevowner. This flevowner is supplied complete by us, 2003. This photo is without the convenient hood.

Flevowner 1495


For Foekema family, we build. Fourth Flevowner as kasko The ship was brought by road transport to the afbouwer, where it was further reduced. By Mr. Foekema in-house Southern right whale 40ft

Zuidkaper 40ft


Zuidkaper 40ft als compleet geleverd jaar 2001
Meer foto's en extra informatie van de Zuidkaper 40 ft

Zuidkaper 40ft

The Southern Right Whale 40ft was completed in June 2005. This ship is the second southern right whale and, like its predecessor with a very handy and operator friendly mast and centerboard installation.

Flevolution 1600 JV


Flevolution 1600 JV is fully completed, in February 2006

PB 1615 Motor Cutter


PB Motor Cutter comes as kasko, 2003

54ft Baltic Rose


54ft Baltic Rose delivered as kasko, 2003

Flevoklipper 1275


Flevoklipper 1275 comes complete, 2004

Flevo kotter 1200


Flevo kotter 1200 Delivered as sailing technically ready including painting, completed in 2003

PB Pilotyacht 51


PB Pilotyacht 51 sailing technically ready delivered in 2001

Flevo Trawler 56ft


Flevo Trawler 56ft delivered 2002

Zuidkaper 66ft

De Zuidkaper 66ft is the big brother of the Zuidkaper 40ft.
This ship has sailed in January 2006.


Flevo Slepertje 660

Also the Flevo Slepertje 660 is gone from our shipyard.
It was a special request from one of our existing customers.
The ship sails in the narrow canals of Amsterdam.


Flevo Motersleepboot W.B. 1800

Flevo Motor Tug W. B. Built in 1800 as kasko including paintwork, 1996
For more information: click here for the website of the owner


Flevoschoener 1275

Flevoschoener as kasko sailing technically ready delivered , 1998


"Zusje", the former name of the 11.5 m long S-shaped yacht was "El Grifo".
It is a design of De Vries - Lens "and was built in 1969. The ship has been completely renovated by Flevo Jachtbouw and timbered.


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